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Our Team

Dr. John Covington, Chancellor of the EAA of Michigan

Dr. John Covington is an education innovator and creative problem solver with a track record of success in urban school districts. He has served as Superintendent in Kansas City, Missouri; Pueblo, Colorado; and Lowndes County (Montgomery), Alabama.


Key personnel on the EAA of Michigan team are:

Dr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson, Deputy Chancellor, Instructional Support and Educational Accountability. Dr. Goodloe-Johnson is a career educator whose most recent position was Superintendent of the Seattle, WA Public Schools.

Dr. Rebecca Lee-Gwin, Deputy Chancellor, Business / Fiscal Affairs and Operations. Dr. Lee-Gwin has 39 years of experience as an educator. She most recently served as Chief Financial Officer of the Kansas City, Missouri School District.

Adel Haddad, Chief Technology Officer. Haddad has more than 22 years experience in the information technology field, most recently as Chief Information Officer for Technology Experts, Inc. in Hammond, Indiana.

Tyrone E. Winfrey, Sr., Chief of Staff. Winfrey is the former president of the Detroit Board of Education. Prior to joining the EAA of Michigan Winfrey served as Associate Director in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for the University of Michigan and Director of the University of Michigan Detroit Admissions Office.

Pamela Miller Malone, Executive Director, Communications and Public Relations. Malone, from Detroit, operated the strategic communications/business development consulting firm, Beyond A LOGO, in Detroit before joining the EAA of Michigan.

Dr. MiUndrae Prince, Interim Associate Chancellor, Instructional Support and Educational Accountability. Dr. Prince came to the EAA of Michigan after serving as Associate Superintendent for Educational Accountability and Instructional Support in the Kansas City, Missouri Public Schools.

Dr. Mary Esselman, Chief Officer, Accountability, Equity, and Innovation. Dr. Esselman came to the EAA of Michigan after serving as Assistant Superintendent for Professional Development, Assessment & Accountability for the Kansas City Public Schools.